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Science,Technology & Society

Ecocrisis or Ecomyth? Historical and Philosophical Roots of Environmental Policy
Prof. Leo Marx , Prof. Jill Ker Conway
Tue Jan 19, 02-04:00pm, E51-165

No enrollment limit, no advance sign up
Single session event
We will lead a discussion on the case for and against the idea that a global ecological crisis presently exists. We will introduce the issues with a brief review of the arguments about population growth, climate change, ozone depletion, the nuclear threat, and the accelerating rate of species extinction and resource depletion. We also will state the case for the view that ecological facts have been distorted by a tendency to frame ecological problems in the context of the various apocalyptic myths generated by Western eschatology. The new book by Kosta Tsipis and Philip Morrison, "Reason Enough for Hope" (MIT Press,1998), will be used to exemplify advanced current thinking on this set of issues.
Contact: Leo Marx, E51-284, x3-4056, leomarx@mit.edu

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