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Vedanta Society

Religion Is Spiritual Living
Swami Sarvagatananda
No enrollment limit, no advance sign up
Participants welcome at individual sessions (series)
All religions, without exception, stress the importance of the spiritual revelations received by different prophets. These revelations harmonize and unify the different religions. To gain this spiritual awareness, which is the goal of all religions, one has to pay attention to ethical values. This IAP activity consists of three talks that deal, respectively, with religious harmony, ethics, and spiritual goals.
Contact: Dr. Cyrus Mehta, 661-2011, mehta@cytel.com

The Meaning of Religious Pluralism
Swami Sarvagatananda
Fri Jan 8, 05:15-07:15pm, MIT Chapel

Ethical Values and Education
Swami Sarvagatananda
Fri Jan 15, 05:15-07:15pm, MIT Chapel

The Goal and the Way of Life
Swami Sarvagatananda
Fri Jan 22, 05:15-07:15pm, MIT Chapel

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