Notice things around you everyday that could be designed better?

Never thought of yourself as creative?

Want to learn something new this IAP?

You know how to analyze and solve problems technically, but what about figuring out what problems to solve and thinking about how people "factor in the equation"? This course focuses on design thinking and the process of design, introducing aspects of design intended to complement a traditional engineering design curriculum. Class activity includes lectures, workshops, and several fun, open-ended design challenges. Students work individually and in small teams to creatively identify and address problems and issues found in everyday life and learn the skills of needfinding, ideation, concept selection, and prototyping.

No experience in design necessary. Open to all majors and years! There will be prototyping with simple materials, but this class will not involve any machining/mechanical analysis/programming/electronics.

On average, students last year spent the appropriate amount of time required for a 6 unit class in a normal 3 month semester, including the classtime each day. 2.97 is not meant to consume your IAP, but know that often people put their best efforts into design classes.

From last year's students:

A fun and open class that will help you improve your ability to deal with ideas and designs confidently and quickly.
Creative practice for the practical world—designing with more than numbers.
I picked up tools from this class such as sketching, hands-on work, and presentations, that makes one much more comfortable to be in an innovative state of mind!

2.97 has been offered IAP 2008 and 2009 as Design-a-palooza, and IAP 2010 as Designing for People. Each offering has had a slightly different focus towards design. Overall, our goal is to expose students to the design process for the first time, providing opportunities to learn and develop their creativity.