2.S97 is a hands-on bootcamp in interaction design where students will work in groups to develop interactive physical computing projects. We will specifically emphasize risk-taking, encouraging students to constantly iterate throughout their design process. At the end of the course, each team will have developed several prototypes of their final project.

Course Logstics

Weekdays M-F Jan. 12 - Jan. 30 (no class on Jan. 19)
10:00 AM–1:00 PM in 35-308 | PDL
6 units graded

Instructor: Tiffany Tseng (MIT Media Lab)
TAs: Cole Houston (2A), Stephen Rodan (2A)
Mentors: Connor Humber (2), Peter Godart (2A & 6-1), Kirsten Lim (2)
Faculty Supervisor: Maria Yang

All projects are documented and shared on Build in Progress.

Interactive Living Projects [Collection]
Projects designed to help living spaces support and enrich our everyday activities.

Alarm Clock

Doesn't stop until you get out of bed.

Shower Curtain

Provides updates and environmental awareness

Fridge Tags

Alerts you when your food goes bad


Helps you locate your important items

Waste Bin

Visualizes recycling patterns
Kids' Party Games [Collection]
Recreating elements of childhood favorites

Hungry Hungry Hippos


Crocodile Dentist

Let's Go Fishing


Class Lecture & Lab Assignment
Week 3
10 | Mon. Jan. 26th Iteration 2 Design Review
Iteration 3 Introduction
  • Post Iteration 3 Project Plan on BiP

11 | Tues. Jan. 27th Class & Shop Hours Cancelled!
12 | Wed. Jan. 28th Class cancelled...again!

PDL Shop Hours: 6-10 PM
13 | Thur. Jan. 29th Lab + Project Consultations

PDL Shop Hours: 6-10 PM
  • Complete final project!

14 | Fri. Jan. 30th Course Review + Wrapup
Project Expo at 12:00!
Week 2
6 | Tue. Jan. 20th Prototyping
  • Prototyping Outline and Budget

7 | Wed. Jan. 21th Intermedia Arduino and Electronics

PDL Shop Hours: 6-8 PM
8 | Thur. Jan. 22th Processing + Visual Programming

Example Sketches

PDL Shop Hours: 6-8 PM
9 | Fri. Jan. 23rd User Testing

Complete Prototypes (due Monday)

3D Print Files due Saturday 5 PM
Weekend Shop Hours: Saturday 3-5 PM & Sunday 6-10 PM
Week 1
1 | Mon. Jan. 12th Course Introduction
Lab Project Introduction
2 | Tues. Jan. 13th Final Project Introduction
Arduino + Electronics

PDL Shop Hours: 6-8 PM
  • FP: Post observation exercise
3 | Wed. Jan. 14th Ideation
Digital Modeling

PDL Shop Hours: 6-8 PM
  • LP: Create digital models to laser cut / print

  • FP: Post 3 additional ideas and sketches
4 | Thur. Jan. 15th Concept Selection
Laser Cutting and 3D Printing

PDL Shop Hours: 6-8 PM
  • LP: Complete Project

  • FP: Each member of the team should pick one of the three ideas and create a sketch. Post the sketch and description to BiP.
5 | Fri. Jan. 16th Storyboarding
Lab Assignment Expo

Note: This is subject to change! Please check the Calendar for the most up-to-date information

Electronics Shop Inventory
Laser Cutter Tutorial
Form ST-5 Sales Tax Exemption
MIT Certificate of Exemption

2.97 has been offered IAP 2008 and 2009 as Design-a-palooza. It was offered IAP 2010, 2011, 2013, and 2014 as Designing for People. In 2012, it was an informal design-based workshop led by a Boston design firm. Each offering has had a slightly different focus towards design. Overall, our goal is to expose students to the design process, providing opportunities to learn and develop their creativity.