2.S97 is a class aimed to immerse students into the field of product design with no prior experience necessary. A series of projects target each aspect of the design process: ideation, user-needs finding, rapid prototyping, graphic design, branding, and presenting. The final project combines all the skills the students learned throughout the course, culminating in a final presentation that is open to the public.

We will provide materials for students to create posters and physical models. There will be a combination of individual and group work. Students will walk away with a creative approach to problem solving and a toolbox of skills to help them in their engineering and design classes. The fun yet rigorous approach to the class is meant to inspire a passion for design.

The class will meet for three hours a day plus project work outside of class.

Dates: MTWRF; Monday, 1/13/2014–Wednesday, 1/29/2014 (12 class sessions)
Time: 10:00 AM–1:00 PM
Units: 6 units, graded (2-2-2)
Prereq: None; open to all majors and years

For more information, please contact: 2.s97-2014-request [at] mit [dot] edu.

Pre-reg on WebSIS and email us to register.

From last year's students:

A fun and open class that will help you improve your ability to deal with ideas and designs confidently and quickly.
Creative practice for the practical world—designing with more than numbers.
I picked up tools from this class such as sketching, hands-on work, and presentations, that makes one much more comfortable to be in an innovative state of mind!

2.97 has been offered IAP 2008 and 2009 as Design-a-palooza. It was offered IAP 2010, 2011, 2013 as Designing for People. In 2012, it was an informal design-based workshop led by a Boston design firm. Each offering has had a slightly different focus towards design. Overall, our goal is to expose students to the design process for the first time, providing opportunities to learn and develop their creativity.