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A comprehensive overview of the classes, research, student groups, support programs and living groups that contribute to the international development community at MIT

Living and Learning Communities

ihouse international house for global leadership

The International House for Global Leadership, or iHouse, is a living-learning community consisting of 21 undergraduate students passionate about international development. iHouse was established on the vision that a community promoting a combination of academics, project-based learning, mentorship opportunities, and leadership skills development is necessary at MIT to foster the next generation of global leaders solving international problems. Our mission is therefore to complement the academic offerings in international development at MIT with the principles, tools, networks, and experiences necessary for undergraduates to become leaders in international development. To fulfill this mission, we have created a close-knit, collaborative community that promotes the international development-related programs that MIT offers, encourages project-based learning, exposes students to various opportunities that enhance leadership skills, and provides a strong mentorship network for students.