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General Information      Would you like to play a game of skill and strategy? See the best programmers at MIT go head-to-head live and 3-D? Would you like to see virtual battles? And win cool prizes for it?

     You've come to the right place.

     Welcome to the MIT IEEE IAP Programming contest 2001. This year, in the spirit of 6.270, we are offering a two player interactive game of strategy. Forty-four teams of current MIT students have registered with us to play an interactive board game. The rules and details of this game have been announced and teams have had three weeks to come up with a game-playing program that meets our specifications.

     The top sixteen solutions will now be played against each other live in 26-100 on 30th January 2001. The head-to-head matches will be open and displayed to the entire MIT community, using a graphics suite developed by our contest team.

     Quarterfinals are from 3-5 pm, and finals from 6-8pm. Participants and audience will be awarded cool prizes courtesy of our sponsors, Microsoft Corp. and Morgan Stanley Dean Witter.

      Check out the rules and the prizes of this game.

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Welcome to the IEEE IAP programming contest 2001. This year, in the spirit of 6.270, we offer an interactive programming contest in the Java language.


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