Iggy the Network Iguana:  RIP May 30 1998

Iggy was taken to MSPCA's Angell Memorial Hospital today with apparent kidney failure. He passed quietly.

It was just a little less than 7 years ago that he first came to live at the Network Operations Group office.

Thanks to all his friends at MIT for always asking about him. Iggy was one of the most widely known and best loved iguanas in the world. He will be missed.

Iggy, The MIT Network Iguana

Iggy was discovered in October of 1991 in the vegetable garden of a staff member living in the Back Bay section of Boston. Since then, he has been an invaluable member of the MIT network operations group, providing 24-hour staffing of our NOC as well as managing to find time for publications in Scientific American (November 1994, pg. 103) and Newsweek (January 30, 1995, pg. 62). The original network iguana, Iggy can be seen below with Internet notables Vint Cerf and Dave Clark.

Below: Iggy had been with us for just about a year. On the left is David Hogarth who found Iggy nibbling on his string bean plants. Holding Iggy is Ron Hoffmann who helped bring him to his new home at MIT.

Donna Coveney, MIT News Office.

In his time here, Iggy has amassed much knowledge of network management. So for your edification, here is the official "Iggy Sez" list!

Tom Coppeto developed Version 1.0 of the IIL (Iguana Instruction Language). He has deduced that the I-processor supports 4 bits of opcode.

Here's the Ig and his good friend Mike Barrow.

Finally, here's the Ig hard at work, monitoring traffic in the NOC (9/1997).

Last updated 30 May 1998.