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Rubric for students oral presentations

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1. Deficient 2. Fair 3. Good 4. Excellent
Organization of Presentation -- Disorganized, appears unpracticed
-- Does not utilize graphic elements
-- Material is uneven and confusing: little use of technical terms
-- Unable to answer relevant questions
-- Only one presenter (if team)
- Organized presentation, but relies heavily on notes
- Inefective use of graphics
- Key part of the study not presented
- Unprepared for most questions
- redundant information presented by team members
+ Clear, well organized presentation
+ Effective use of graphics
+ Key part of study presented; proper use of techincal terms, defined when appropriate
+ Prepared for all questions
+ Each team members shares responsability of presentation
++ Higly organized, well practiced and endgaging presentation
++ Poster/overheads are well designed and integral to presentation
++ Key study parts emphasized; technical terms defined and explained
++ Team members entertain questions and give thoughtful responses
++ team menbers transition flawlessly and show master of materials, enthusiasm and correctness
Use of Technology -- No attempt to use technology appropriate to topic (e.g. PowerPoint, overheads, etc)
-- No references to relevant website, simulations, etc
- Some use of technology appropriate to the topic (PowerPoint, overheads, etc)
- Few references to relevant websites, videos, simulations, etc
- Fumbles with technology; not practiced
+ Demonstrates some competence and ease in using technology to illustrate points or present examples (e.g. PowerPoint, overheads, etc)
+ Provides some refrences to relevant websites and videos
++ Manages technology competently, appropriately, and effectively to illustrate points, provide simulations, animation, demonstrations, and/or vignettes to aid in understanding
++Provides a variety of ADDITIONAL REFERENCES to relevant websites, videos, simulations, and live video streaming sites to aid student interest and understanding of the topic
Aesthetics -- Contains many errors; Lack of proofreading evident
-- Visual elements too similar
-- Lack of appropriate graphics
-- Oversized, flimsy formats used
- Edited with some errors in grammar and spelling
- Inconsistent layout; materials appear to have been rushed or thrown together
- Confusing graphics
- Lacks discretion in inclusion of elements
+ Well edited, clear and easy to read
+ Use of graphics (tables, graphs, drawing) where appropriate
+ Consistent layout
+ Adequate text for independent display
+ Good use of color, attractive
++ Visual and supplementary materials are provided that heighten understanding of material
++ Incorporates graphics that are relevant and effective
++ Excellent balance between text and graphics
++ Use of creative, novel, or personal touches that aid understanding
++ Makes good use of color and space
Use of Sources -- Lacks appropriate references
-- Lacks evidence of a relevant literature review
-- No reference resources list provided for students
- Unable to place theories within context of existing literature
- Incomplete review of relevant literature
- References provided only from required reading
+ Frequent, reliable citations to support theories, procedures, and conclusions
+ Incorporation of required readings where appropriate
+ Use of some outside sources including articles, books and Internet sites, and courses
++ Evidence of an informed, thorough and relevant literature review
++ Integrates resources from other related sources and courses
++ Uses a variety of appropriate sources, articles, books, Internet sites, etc


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