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Demonstrations Conducted This Week

Instructional Application

Student Reactions

Additional Materials Used and
Instructor Feedback

Check titles of all demonstrations conducted this week.  

Solid Body Rotation

Dye Stirring

Balanced Vortex/Radial Inflow

Fronts/Cylinder Collapse

Ekman Layers

General Circ/Hadley

General Circ/ Eddies


Taylor Columns

Density Currents

Ekman Pumping and Suction

Ocean Gyres

Thermohaline Circ


Inertial Circles

Perrot's Bathtub

Cloud Formation

Other (Specify): 

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Used to present demonstrations to groups/schools outside of the college/university.  

Loaned to other schools/groups.

Other: (Specify):



Briefly describe student reactions to the demonstrations (pros and cons). (e.g. increased  motivation, created confusion, encouraged questions/ discussion, promoted further interest/research, etc.).

Instructional materials used in conjunction with these demonstrations or experiments. (Check all that were used this week).

Marshall and Plumb Text: 
Circulation of the Atmosphere and Ocean

Project Website and Labguide

  Published Textbooks (Specify:)

Personal Course Notes (Specify):



The following demonstrations enhanced my instructions.

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enhanced my instruction.
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Demonstration 2 (title): enhnaced my instruction.
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Demonstration 3 (title): enhnaced my instruction.
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Please comment on the benefits and/or challenges of using this demonstration(s) or equipment in instruction.  (Specify title of experiment(s) before each comment.)

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