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iMOAT: The iCampus / MIT Online Assessment Tool

A Collaborative Project of the MIT/Microsoft iCampus Alliance in conjunction with

  • California Institute of Technology
  • DePaul University
  • Louisiana State University
  • University of Cincinnati

iMOAT is a suite of Web services for online writing assessments that enable academic institutions to

  • measure accurately the writing skills their students will need both in college and afterwards;
  • focus on their own educational philosophy and priorities;
  • accommodate easily students with special needs;
  • share IT and administrative costs with other institutions;
  • share best practices in writing assessment with other institutions; and
  • help build with other institutions an extensive national digital research database of student essays.

iMOAT allows students, from the comfort of their own homes to

  • register for an evaluation;
  • review college-level readings and test questions;
  • spend a realistic amount of time planning, writing, and revising essays; and
  • receive detailed written feedback along with test results.

iMOAT allows universities to

  • administer assessments before students arrive on campus;
  • holistically score essays on hard copy or online;
  • make essays and scores available online to students and their advisors;
  • explore new possibilities for writing assessment and pedagogy.

iMOAT is intended only for assessment and evaluation -- it would be inappropriate for high-stakes tests affecting admission or graduation.

Future Developments

  • Expansion of the group of participating universities for the summer of 2003, with the objective of creating an ongoing, self-governing, and self-funding consortium of colleges and universities using this assessment tool.
  • Creation of two ongoing entities
    • Consortium of colleges & universities for policy & educational issues
    • Online Essay Evaluation Service for continuing implementation & operation

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For a more information, or a guided tour of the iMOAT system please contact Chris Felknor at


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page last updated: November 6, 2003