Fab in a Box

Fab in a Box
Machining Spindle Vinyl Drag Knife
A high-speed (15K RPM) spindle. A vinyl cutting drag knife.
Pipette Rotational trunnion
An automatic repeating pipette for molecular biology research automation. A two-axis trunnion for 5-axis positioning.
3-Axis stepper motor controller H-bridge controller
These milled PCBs provide networked control of three stepper motors. Additional motors can be controlled by adding another board to the network. DC motors among other loads can be controlled by a networked H-bridge.
Servo Controller Network Adapter
Up to eight RC servos can be independently controlled by this node. Power and signal is injected onto the network by an adapter PCB.
5-axis positioning Spindle bearing set
The trunnion can be combined with the Multifab stage to achieve 5-axis positioning. The core of the spindle is built using off-the-shelf components including ball bearings, a brass bushing, and a precision shaft coupler.
Engraving a tube in Manchester UK The Multifab tubeset
In commemoration of the inauguration of FabLab Manchester. The completed tubeset for FabLab Manchester's Multifab machine.
A radio. A PCB and tiling vinyl cut using Multifab.
Besides PCBs, the spindle can be used to cut thru plywood. In this case it made the front face of a radio designed by David Mellis. Some additional examples of a PCB and tiling vinyl stickers made using the Fab-in-a-Box toolkit.
Pipetting a pattern. T-shirt Drawing
This test pattern demonstrated that the repeating pipette could accurately position drops of reagent. For MIT's New Textiles class: a passive pen holder and a laser-cut stretch frame were used to decorate T-shirts.
Three-color process. Algorithmically Generated Dragon Curve
My girlfriend brushing her teeth, in glorious three-color process. The pen path to draw this dragon curve was algorithmically generated by about 10 lines of code.