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Bug Bot

Bug Bot for Bug Labs

October 2008

After meeting Bug Labs at Maker Faire Austin in 2008, I was asked to prototype an idea for a robotic base for their small and modular linux computer. An integral battery compartment and mounts for micro gear motors and a control board were CNC machined into a block of Delrin.

Record Wall Mount

LP Wall Mount

September 2008

This gadget mounts to the wall by engaging with the head of a small nail. A stainless steel peg with a rounded tip supports a 33 1/3 RPM record and simulates the look of a record platter.

Suspended Table

Suspension Table

June 2008

Designed to take advantage of a disadvantageous pillar in my old apartment, the glass surface of this bar table is partially suspended from above by 3/4" threaded rods and supported by 4-inch aluminum I beams. Because I wasn't allowed to bolt into the pillar, wooden clamps (which double as speaker shelves) straddle the pillar and bear the suspended weight of the table.

Paperweight Pen Holder

2.008: Paperweight

March 2007

I created this spinning pen holder with Will Bosworth in completion of an early class assignment to CNC machine a paperweight as a part of MIT's introductory manufacturing class.

Ceiling Mounted Server

Ceiling-Mounted Server

January 2007

MIT dorm rooms, while spacious, have little room for even more computer equipment. This server kept out of the way and featured a forced-air cooled RAID hard drive array for intense data integrity.

Kinematic Shelving

Kinematic Shelving

January 2007

A minor pet peeve of mine is furniture that totters. Because kinematic constraint is always the answer, this shelving unit sports three rounded legs which make exact 3-point contact with the floor. From certain angles the third leg disappears for an even-more-unstable-than-reality visual effect. Also, the contact pressures certainly leave an impression.

Atomic Models

Atomic Models

March 2004

This assignment from my high school AP Chemistry teacher was my first experience milling compound angles on a milling machine. The aluminum hub has four threaded holes spaced 109.5 degrees apart, each of which accepts an acrylic and brass "molecule."

Hamming Error Correction

Hamming Error Correction Circuit

July 1999

As part of a digital logic course I took at geek camp, I designed and implemented an error correction circuit capable of fixing single-bit errors on the fly. It was integrated into a model rocket launcher circuit to ensure that the launch activation code was received accurately.