In the lab or in the field, MIT impacts all walks of life through the technology developed at the Institute and through the people who learn, work and train here. MIT's students, faculty and staff — supported by our alumni, donors and industry partners — are able to turn hands-on research into answers for the world's most pressing problems.



Since its founding, MIT has fostered a problem-solving approach that encourages researchers to work together across departments, fields, and institutional boundaries. The resulting collaborations have included thousands of fruitful partnerships with industry and other leading research institutions.

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Public Service Center images
Public Service Center images
Public Service Center images

public service

At the heart of the MIT mission statement is a call to serve the nation and the world. At MIT, the opportunities for doing so are as diverse and as far-reaching as the Institute itself.

The MIT Public Service Center provides a central point of communication and support for the outreach and humanitarian efforts of the MIT community.

We seek to engage students, alumni, staff, faculty and others in life-changing initiatives and social entrepreneurship ventures that provide needed resources to individuals and communities around the Institute, across the U.S., and around the world.

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Your annual support of the Institute is one of the many ways to impact the lives of MIT's students.

MIT students' commitment to expand their knowledge — both inside and outside the classroom — is matched only by an equally impressive ability to integrate their passion for academics and myriad other pursuits.

resource development and the alumni association

The Office of Resource Development and the MIT Alumni Association are dedicated to advancing the mission of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology by fostering relationships that result in continuing goodwill and financial support from alumni, friends and organizations.