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MIT is located in Cambridge, MA. The area is served by Logan International Airport and Amtrak (via South Station, Boston), and if arriving by air or train, you may reach the MIT campus by taxi or public transit (MBTA). Go to visiting MIT for maps and further information.


For hotel accommodations in our area, please see the list available on the MIT visitors’ pages.

Local cab companies


Ambassador Brattle Cab (Cambridge)
Phone: 671-492-1100
Checker Cab of Cambridge
Phone: 617-497-9000
Boston Cab
Phone: 617-262-2227
Metro Cab (Boston)
Phone: 617-242-8000
Cambridge Cab Company
Phone: 617-498-0006
Town Taxi (Boston)
Phone: 617-536-5000
Cambridge Taxi
Phone: 617-492-7900
Yellow Cab (Cambridge)
Phone: 617-547-3000


Car services