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Industry Guide
Industry Guide

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Interdisciplinary Research at MIT

Advances in knowledge, together with an awareness of the complexity of today's world, have led researchers to tackle complex problems that cannot be resolved from the vantage point of a single academic discipline. At MIT, faculty and students from different fields frequently work together in interdisciplinary centers, laboratories, and programs that extend beyond departmental or school boundaries. Those units with active industry collaboration in FY14 include:

Aeronautics & Astronautics


Biological Engineering


Biotechnology Process Engineering Center

Brain & Cognitive Sciences

The Center for Bits and Atoms

Center for Global Change Science

Chemical Engineering


Civil & Environmental Engineering

Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL)

Center for Biomedical Engineering

Center for Environmental Health Science

Center for International Studies

Center for Transportation and Logistics

Earth Atmospheric & Planetary Science

Environmental Solutions Initiative


Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Engineering Systems Division

Francis Bitter National Magnet

Harvard-MIT Health Science & Technology


Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies

Kavli Institute for Astrophysics & Space Research

Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research

Lab for Information Decision Systems

Lab for Manufacturing and Productivity

Laboratory for Nuclear Science


Materials Research Laboratory

Materials Science & Engineering

McGovern Institute for Brain Research

Mechanical Engineering

Media Lab

Microsystems Technology Labs

MIT Energy Initiative

Music & Theater Arts

Nuclear Reactor Laboratory

Nuclear Science and Engineering

Operations Research Center

Picower Institute for Learning & Memory

Plasma Science & Fusion Center

Political Science

Research Lab for Electronics

School of Architecture & Planning

Sea Grant College Program

Sloan School of Management

Technology Laboratory for Advanced Materials and Structures

Urban Studies & Planning

Writing & Humanistic Studies