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MIT Alumni Association

MIT alumni are among the most sought-after talent in the world, and the MIT Alumni Association’s Alumni Employer Relations Program is your pipeline to access these top professionals.

Our alumni have diverse interests and work in a variety of areas. MIT alumni are valued in jobs across technology, scientific research & development, finance, consulting, consumer products, energy, manufacturing, aerospace & defense, automotive & transportation, pharmaceuticals, government & policy, chemicals & materials, education, investment banking, data science, risk management, operations & supply chain, just to name a few.

If your company seeks high-potential talent who strive to create a positive impact, who seek new ideas and bring a multi-disciplinary approach to solving problems as a cohesive team, then strategically connect with MIT alumni through one of our alumni recruiting programs.

MIT Global Education and Career Development (GECD)

Bernard M. Gordon-MIT Engineering Leadership Program

The Bernard M. Gordon-MIT Engineering Leadership Program builds on the knowledge students gained in UPOP to provide an integrated set of leadership-oriented, discipline-building, hands-on engineering activities, set in the context of the practice of engineering, designed to develop outstanding MIT students as disciplined, future leaders in the world of engineering practice.

A selective program for MIT engineering students, the program provides a transformative national model for the development of next-generation technical leaders who are equipped to understand and address significant engineering problems in real-world situations.

MIT Global Education and Career Development (GECD)

The MIT Career Development Center assists employers in coordinating successful on- and off-campus recruitment of MIT students and to provide students with opportunities to interact and network with professionals and obtain quality internships and full-time positions.

MIT is proud to serve the needs of undergraduates (including Sloan), graduates and MIT alumni. (Departments that conduct their own recruiting include Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, and Sloan School of Management).

MIT International Science and Technology Initiatives (MISTI)

The MIT International Science and Technology Initiatives—better known as MISTI—connects MIT students and faculty with research and innovation around the world. MIT's largest international program, MISTI is a pioneer in applied international studies—a distinctively MIT concept.

Working closely with a network of premier corporations, universities, and research institutes, MISTI matches over 400 MIT students with internships and research abroad each year.

MISTI Global Seed Funds provide funding for faculty to jump-start international projects and encourage student involvement in faculty-led international research.

Sloan Career Development Office (CDO)

Sloan's Career Development Office (CDO) serves a vital role in connecting MIT Sloan’s innovative master’s students and alumni with the world’s leading firms. The CDO is dedicated to supporting your recruiting goals and helping you identify the best candidates for your organization. For a complete overview of our recruiting processes, please refer to our recruiting page.

Undergraduate Practice Opportunities Program (UPOP)

Transitioning from academia into the world of work is a challenge for even the most technically skilled student. MIT's Undergraduate Practice Opportunities Program (UPOP) is a full year co-curricular program that helps talented sophomores gain the knowledge, skills, and attitudes they need to apply classroom learning effectively to successful careers in engineering leadership by beginning the process well before graduation. With guidance from MIT faculty, UPOP staff, and industry professionals, students obtain meaningful summer internships in industry, government, and the nonprofit sector.