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This directory will contain copies of the "Athena Insider," the
Project Athena Faculty Newsletter.  Though its primary focus is the
Institute Faculty, and the articles and topics are aimed towards their
interests, we encourage all users to read it!

To view a plain ASCII version of the newsletter on line, (the
encouraged course of action) just type:

 more {issue name}.text

Where {issue-name}.text is the name of the file, like "mar90news.text".  To
print a hardcopy version, type:

 lpr -P{local-printer-name} {issue-name}.PS

Where {local-printer-name} is the printer you want to send it to, and
{issue-name}.PS is, like above, the name of the file, "mar90news.PS",
for example.

Please direct any problems, comments, or suggestions for articles to
Anne R. LaVin, Project Athena Faculty Liaison,