4-035 Electronic Classroom policy

  • 4-035 is equipped with 20 SGI workstations and a large screen, wall-mounted monitor.

  • The combination to the room will be different from the one to public Athena clusters, and will be given out to faculty who teach in 4-035 or who state that their students have homework that needs to be done on the SGI's. Faculty will give the combination out to their students.

  • Faculty will be allowed to reserve the room by sending email to eclass@mit for both regularly scheduled classes and one-time meetings of classes. During hours not reserved for class lectures, supervised labs, or recitation sections, all students needing to do assignments that require the SGI and who are enrolled in classes that have registered to use the room will have access.

  • In the case where other students learn the combination or follow someone in to the room, a student who needs the SGI for homework will have priority.

  • An up-to-date schedule of reserved hours will be prominently posted in the cluster, as will a list of classes that have priority during non-scheduled hours.

  • Use of the room will be monitored so that we can see how well these guidelines are working. Adjustments to policy will be made as warranted. Our aim is to have the facility well utilized, while at the same time giving students and faculty who need access to SGI workstations priority so as to encourage innovative educational use of the equipment.

    To see the current 4-035 reservation schedule, click here.