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Event Registration

How do you know whether your event must be registered? The following types of events require registration:

  • Any MIT event at which alcohol is served, that takes place on campus (Please note: A licensed bartender or staff person with TIPS training is required for large groups or events in public places on campus.)
  • Any on-campus event at which money will be collected
  • Any event at which attendance will exceed 100 people or is in a room with the capacity for 100 or more attendees
  • In residence halls, any event of more than 100 people that is open to non-residents, or any event of more than 250 people, even if it is closed to non-residents
  • Any conference hosted by a student group
  • Any event at which more than 20% of the audience and/or participants is expected to be non-MIT community members (conferences included)
  • Any event that involves working with a non-MIT organization, such as co-sponsors or guests
  • Any event that involves working with minors

Other events may take place under special circumstances. If you are unsure, please call the Information Center staff for direction.


Student groups must register events through the Student Life Office, W20-549. Departments register events with the help of the MIT Information Center. Event registration must be completed at least five business days before the event.

There are 7 steps to complete the form, and they must be done in this order:

  1. Provide general information about the event and obtain the signature of the event host. If alcohol is being served, the host (who must be 21 with valid ID) must also sign the Alcohol Guidelines form.
  2. Confirm the venue by obtaining the signature of the person responsible for reserving the space.
  3. Acquire approval for the serving of alcohol. The host will obtain the signature of the member of the Academic Council who oversees the sponsor department.
  4. Review the event with MIT Information Center staff and acquire signature.
  5. Acquire approval of Campus Police (when applicable, for example, when security detail is needed or when alcohol will be served). Hours are 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM in the basement of W20.
  6. Acquire license(s) from the City of Cambridge (when applicable).

    An Entertainment License is required when an event's purpose is entertainment (rather than education) and an admission fee or mandatory donation will be charged.

    A Liquor License is required for all events where a cash bar is present. If admission is charged at the door of your event, alcohol, if available, may be dispensed only from a cash bar. Liquor License prices are as follows:

    • $55 to serve wine and beer to 100 people or fewer
    • $75 to serve wine and beer to more than 100 people
    • $100 to serve all alcoholic beverages (wine, beer, and liquor) to 100 people or fewer
    • $120 to serve all alcoholic beverages (wine, beer, and liquor) to more than 100 people
  7. The completed copies of the Event Registration Form, any applicable contracts and licenses, must be returned to the appropriate registration office.

Event hosts and others are encouraged to visit the MIT Alcohol Policy website for specific information regarding applicable state laws and procedures for serving alcohol at events. MIT has strict rules governing the service of alcohol; please familiarize yourself with them.

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