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IAP Seminar: Protecting Personal Information @ MIT
January 11 & 27, 2011

What has MIT been doing over the last year to help reduce MIT's risk of a serious data breach involving Personal Information? What does each of us need to do in our own offices, and on our computers, to minimize the collection of, and protect sensitive data needed for our business activities? These two main questions were addressed during this overview, with an opportunity to ask questions and participate in the discussion. Access to the online version is coming soon.

Webinar: Strengthening the Audit-IT Security Partnership
November 10, 2010

This webcast covered how two Boston College officials created a partnership that has both achieved security goals and raised campus-wide awareness about information policies and data management controls.

IT Partners Luncheon w/Security
November 3, 2010

This meeting reviewed the new regulations and laws that affect the handling and storing of personal data at MIT and what we can and should do to meet compliance. The IT Security Systems & Services team introduced PGP Desktop, Identity Finder and a new service by preferred vendor Converge -- all of which are currently in use in various areas of the Institute. Download the slides of the presentation.

IT Partners Conference
June 2, 2010

This full-day conference featured presentations and training sessions on a variety of security topics, including sensitive data protection. The slides from the presentations can be accessed from the link above.

IAP Seminar: Handling Sensitive Data, What Everyone Needs to Know
Various dates and times, January 2010

This presentation by Allison Dolan from the Audit Division and Monique Yeaton from IS&T covered information such as data regulations and how they relate to MIT, where sensitive data can appear in various places on campus and how to protect it. Download the slides of the presentation. Much of the information in the presentation and in the handouts have been included in this website.