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Steps Closer to Protecting MIT's Data
IS&T announces requirement of encryption on laptops and other portable devices that contain PIRN and the roll-out of PGP Desktop Whole Disk Encryption.

South Shore Hospital Loses Backup Computer Files
This incident involves backup tapes of a hospital in MA being lost by a professional data management firm on route to destroying them.

Virus Outbreak Affects Tufts Alumni
Personal information from records, dating back to 1987, may have been compromised due to a virus outbreak. The school decides to notify the individuals whose records were affected, although there is no evidence of unauthorized access.

Year in Review by Educational Security Incidents (ESI) - 2009
Each year, Adam Dodge (from the Adam Dodge Report) summarizes data incidents in Higher Education around the world.

Safeguarding Data: An MIT Responsibility
MIT announces the WISP and efforts to limit the collection of and risks to PIRN.

Cost of Data Breaches Increased in 2009, Study Says
Ponemon announces the raised average cost of a data breach compared to previous years.