Information Protection @ MIT

Data Destruction

When personal information is no longer needed for business purposes, it is important to destroy or remove the information from its current location so that it can no longer be accessed. MA law stipulates that the disposal of records containing personal information be standardized and enforced.

Paper Shredding

Disposal of paper files is outlined briefly in the WISP. Secure file destruction such as using a cross-cut shredder or certified shredding service ensures that hard copy files are never disposed of in regular trash or recycling bins.

Electronic File Destruction

The destruction of electronic files, also called media sanitizing, is not as straight-forward as with paper files. Because data in electronic format can be placed on various types of media -- such as a computer hard drive, external hard drive or flash drive, a mobile device, CD, tape or microfiche, even an audio file -- each method of destruction depends on the media itself.