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To receive information about planning your event through MIT Conference Services, please submit the form below. You may also email us directly at; you are welcome to attach documents that explain your event's requirements. We look forward to talking with you.

1. Name of event

2. Nature of event

Briefly describe the subject matter or provide a live web link to most recently held, if recurring. (Please note that sales or marketing events are prohibited.):

3. MIT sponsorship

Outside groups may only use MIT facilities with the sponsorship of a current faculty or staff member who has the approval of his/her department or area head. More details about this requirement are available here.

  I am a current MIT faculty or staff member.

  I am not with a recognized department, lab, or center at MIT.

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5. Proposed dates

If no specific date has been set, please indicate preferred year, month, number of days (Please include preferred pattern of days - e.g. preconference workshop on Saturday/Sunday; welcome reception on Sunday evening; Conference on Monday through Wednesday):

6. Attendees

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7. Meeting space requirements

To help us locate appropriate meeting spaces, please provide detailed information about the number and type of meeting spaces needed (e.g., general session, concurrent breakouts, space for sit-down meal service, exhibit/poster/demo area, social events). Please specify preferred room set up, capacities and the days/hours per day that each room will be in session.

8. Sleeping accommodations

On-campus housing
On-campus housing is available in non air-conditioned residence halls from mid-June to early August. (Youth groups, please note: all overnight guests must have completed Grade 9 and a minimum staff to student ratio of 1:6 is required.)

Number of singles:


Number of full/shared doubles:


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Local area hotels

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9. Registration services

Please indicate whether you are interested in our online registration services.

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Is there a registration fee to attend the event?

Please provide the number of days/hours per day that you will require onsite registration and/or information staff:

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