MIT Events Calendar

The MIT Events Calendar is a great place to advertise... listings for seminars, arts and cultural events, meetings, conferences, club and social activities, training programs, sporting events, and lectures are all welcome. Any member of the MIT community may post an event; all you need is your ID number, an Athena account or Kerberos name, and web certificates.

Listing on the MIT Events Calendar lets the MIT community read about what's happening on campus, but it also projects information about MIT to the world. Access to the calendar is unrestricted, so sponsors must specify who may attend (general public, MIT only, or department only, for example).

If you have events to post, please visit the MIT Events Calendar here. Questions? Call the MIT Events and Information Center at 617-253-4795.

MIT students were introduced to HE Dilma Rousseff, President of Brazil, during her visit to campus in April 2012. Dr. Mario Molina, noted atmospheric chemist and Nobel laureate, visited MIT in May 2015 to present the Karl Taylor Compton Lecture.

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