Event registration

The process of registering campus events has gone digital! If you are an event planner or if you schedule space, approve alcohol expenditures, assign police details, or review events for compliance with MIT policies and procedures, you may complete these steps online from the digital events application on the Atlas site (MIT certificates required). The application opened in July 2014 as part of the new Atlas release and replaces the paper-based system.

Watch a video introduction to the digital events registration application

Whether you are a host or an event planner, you will find within the application a searchable space inventory that includes many campus venues and links to campus offices that provide event support. Please keep in mind that not all MIT spaces are accessible within this inventory and that you should schedule all campus venues directly through the designated department that manages the space.

How do you know whether your event must be registered?

Registration is required when

  • you are expecting more than 100 attendees at an event
  • more than 20% of attendees are not members of the MIT community
  • events are cosponsored with a non-MIT partner
  • alcohol will be served
  • minors will be in attendance

Here are a few things to keep in mind when registering your event online:

  • How it works—Based on the details you enter about the event, requests for approvals are routed automatically to the appropriate departmental designates.
  • Host confirmation—Event hosts must read the ‘MIT host policies’ and accept the responsibilities outlined to continue the registration process.
  • Room confirmation—Room coordinators must confirm that the space has been reserved for this event.
  • Alcohol approval—The designated approvers for various areas (assistant deans for academic areas, the Dean for Student Life for student-sponsored events, and directors from administrative areas) must approve events when MIT funds are used for alcohol or to cover alcohol-related expenses.
  • Overall approval for event—Either the Events and Information Center, the Student Activities Office, the MIT Sloan Student Life Office, or the Office of Residential Life will review all relevant details and approvals and determine whether the event meets guidelines. These offices direct the planners to obtain the appropriate licenses and permits from the City of Cambridge or other organizations, as warranted.
  • Police approval—MIT Police determine whether police details or metal detectors are required, review issues around public safety, assess parking requirements, and recommend further support, as needed.  

Questions? Please contact the Events and Information Center (or read the event planning FAQ). This is a new process and we appreciate hearing from you so we can provide the best information to our community.

And don’t forget

  • MIT Policies & Procedures—Review policies detailing the use of MIT facilities for public events.
  • MIT Police— Police details are necessary for large and/or high-profile events. Familiarize yourself with the procedures detailed here as they may be required by MIT Police, depending on the size and logistics of your event.
  • Alcohol guidelines—Strict rules apply to the serving of alcohol at MIT events. Be sure to review Institute policies and procedures in preparation.
  • Safety plans—The Environment, Health and Safety Office (EHS) provides a few guidelines regarding events for which formal safety plans are necessary. Please note that safety plans may be required for installations of art or other exhibits, as well as for events. Questions about safety procedures may be directed to EHS at safe-project@mit.edu.

Other events may take place under special circumstances. If you are unsure, please contact the MIT Events and Information Center at digitalreg@mit.edu or 617-253-4795.

Attending an event?

Please see MIT Conference Services for registration.

MIT's Great Dome The Great Dome as seen from Boston during Toast to Tech, the finale of a semester of events and academic programs celebrating MIT's 150th anniversary.

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