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campus view Planning a trip to our campus? Find what you need to know in the MIT visitors' pages.


Visiting campus

Where can I park?
Parking in Cambridge can be challenging: it's both expensive and hard to find. Visitors should not count on finding a metered space in the immediate area, but some public parking may be available in local garages.

Is there a campus map online?

Yes: you can see the interactive campus map here, and please review the visitors' pages for lots of other information about planning a trip to MIT.

What time are the campus tours?
Tours are at 11 am and 3 pm, Monday-Friday, except for holidays and during the winter break period. For more, visit the Events and Information Center or call 617-253-4795. Note: tours are not held on days when the campus is closed. Visitors are advised to check the MIT Alert page or call 617-253-SNOW (7669) to ensure that the Institute is open and operating as usual.

How much does the tour cost?
There is no charge for the standard campus tours. More information about private group tours is available at the Events and Information Center.

How long does the tour last?
70-90 minutes

Where do the tours begin and end?
Tours begin and end in Lobby 7, accessible via MIT's front door at 77 Massachusetts Avenue.

What are the blackout dates for the tours?
Tours are conducted by our students, so they are not given on holidays or during the winter break period. View the MIT academic calendar for the dates that apply during the time of your visit.

Do you offer tours for architects?
Although we do not offer tours for architects, the LIST Visual Art Center website provides a map of the MIT Public Art Collection, including architecturally significant buildings.

What is the nearest airport?
Logan International Airport serves the Boston area.

What is the nearest train (AMTRAK) station?
South Station, Boston, is the closest train station. South Station is served by the MBTA Red Line, which connects to MIT at the MIT/Kendall stop.

What is the nearest subway stop?
The Kendall Square/MIT stop on the MBTA Red Line is the closest subway. The MIT campus is also served by several bus routes; visit the MBTA website for times and schedules.

Attending an event

Is there a list of campus events?
The best place to find information about what is happening on campus is the MIT Events Calendar.

Attending a conference

I am attending a conference at MIT. Where do I register?
Please visit the MIT Conference Services pages for links to registration.

Planning an event

Is MIT space available to rent for events?
Classrooms and other campus spaces are available to members of the MIT community for academic and related purposes. If your group is coming from outside MIT, you may wish to consult MIT Conference Services for planning assistance.

MIT event planners, have you seen the new AdminConnect resources? Among them are tips for getting underway with planning campus functions. The AdminConnect page offers an excellent outline and lists related resources.

One thing you will need to do is determine whether your event needs to be registered. As of July 16, 2014, MIT event registration takes place online via Atlas (MIT certificates required). This process replaces the paper-based system. Read more about event registration.

Are there changes in policy associated with the move to the digital event registration system?
No. Although the process has changed, the policies are the same and the system will advise you if event registration is NOT required. Registration is required when:

  • you are expecting more than 100 attendees at an event
  • more than 20% of attendees are not members of the MIT community
  • events are cosponsored with a non-MIT partner
  • alcohol will be served

What if the space I am using is not part of the online catalog?
You may make a note in the text box to indicate the space name, room or building number, and the text of the confirmation from the person who manages the space.

Am I able to get approval for a recurring series of events all at once?
Yes! If all the details of the events in your series are the same, you may select the "recurring" option.

Can more than one person modify events in the system?
Yes, you may designate a coplanner when you set up an event. The person you designate as the coplanner will have complete access and will receive notifications from the system about the event.

What if I am the "planner" of an event, but someone else is acting as host?
The system can accommodate entering this information, but please remember to close the communication loop with the event host to ensure that s/he is aware of his/her responsibility to enter the system and take any confirmation actions needed.

Can I print a summary of my event from the online system?

What action do I need to take for licenses?
Once all your event approvals have come through, you can click "request license" to send the information automatically from the system to the City of Cambridge. The city officials will be in touch with you directly if they have any questions and they will let you know via email when your license is ready to be picked up. We ask that you upload a copy of your license to the system when you have it in hand. Thank you.

Am I able to track the approval process online?
Yes, you can see your event's current status at any time. When event details trigger the need for an approval, the relevant individual approver(s) receive an email to prompt them to enter the system and review the request. Once the request is approved, you will see it immediately.

When is a cost object required?
Cost objects are necessary only when there is a need for MIT Police detail at your event. (There are fees for CAC spaces, but the account number is entered through the CAC's reservation system and not through digital event registration.)


Is there WiFi for visitors?
Yes, short-term network service is available when guests register on MITNet.

Where can I buy a souvenir?
MIT sweatshirts, tees, notebooks, and more are available at the Coop. There are two locations: inside the Stratton Student Center or at Kendall Square.

Where is the campus bookstore?
The MIT Coop is the campus bookstore. There are two locations: inside the Stratton Student Center or at Kendall Square.

Is there a cafeteria where I can buy lunch?
There are a number of options for lunch on or around campus. Please see the visitors' pages for a list.

How do I find the Dome?
MIT's Great Dome is part of Building 10.

May I see a dorm?
You are welcome to walk around the outside of any dorms on campus, however, due to security issues, visitors are not allowed inside the buildings. Individual dorm websites often include a few interior views: see MIT Housing for more information.

Where does the Infinite Corridor begin and end? How long is it?
The Infinite Corridor begins at Lobby 7 and ends at the exit from Building 8. It is 825 feet long.

Where is the Museum of Hacks?
The first floor of the Stata Center at MIT is home to a small collection of classic hacks. Also, there are some photographs of hacks in the hallway of Building 56.

Have a question not answered in these pages? Email us or call 617-253-4795.

The announcement of L. Rafael Reif as MIT's 17th president was celebrated by the community on May 16, 2012.

The announcement of L. Rafael Reif as MIT's 17th president was celebrated by the community on May 16, 2012.

MIT's 150th Celebration

MIT marked its sesquicentennial in 2011: watch video and learn more at the MIT150 website.

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