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In March 2010, MIT’s Provost, Chancellor and Executive Vice President & Treasurer charged this new group with deepening the Institute’s understanding of different proposals around MIT’s benefits program and with advising them on potential options and implementation paths.

  1. Alison Alden
    Office of the Vice President for Human Resources, Vice President
Working Group Co-chairs
  1. Tom Kochan
    Sloan School of Management, Geo Maverick Bunker Professor of Management
  2. Jean Samuelson
    Human Resources Department, Director of Employee Benefits
  1. Stewart Myers
    Sloan School of Management, Robert C. Merton Professor of Financial Economics
  2. Heidi Nepf
    Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Professor/ MacVicar Faculty Fellow
  3. Chris Kaiser
    Department of Biology, Department Head/Professor
  4. Bengt Holmstrom
    Department of Economics, Paul A. Samuelson Professor of Economics
  5. Frank Levy
    Department of Urban Studies and Planning, Professor of Urban Economics
  1. Ramona Allen
    School of Architecture and Planning, Director of Human Resources
  2. Douglas Pfeiffer
    Office of the Provost, Assistant Provost for Administration
  3. William Kettyle
    Office of EVP and Treasurer, Medical Director and Head, MIT Medical
  4. Israel Ruiz
    Office of EVP and Treasurer, Vice President for Finance
  5. Brian Donahue
    Lincoln Laboratory, Department Head
  6. Therese Henderson
    Sloan School of Management, Administrative Assistant