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InterLink @ MIT

InterLink is a project to support the international community at MIT. Recent developments in the United States such as increased scrutiny of visa applications, heightened student tracking regulations, and "special registration" requirements can engender anxiety and concern among foreign nationals. InterLink aims to be a resource in this regard for internationals and the entire MIT community, disseminating relevant information, organizing weekly coffee hours and seminars, and supporting networking and increased visibility of international issues at MIT.

The World Health Organization and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have issued a worldwide health advisory about Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS). Please note that there have been NO cases of SARS reported at MIT.

However, because so many of us travel to the effected areas, MIT Medical has established a web site with information as well as a protocol for those who may be infected and those who have come in contact with them.

Contact MIT medical (3-1311) for more information about SARS. For more information about Interlink, please contact us at our email address ( or via our on-line form.

5/6/2003: US to end Special Registration

2/15/2003: URGENT - SEVIS transition information for

3/25/2003: Closure of US embassies and consulates to the public in several countries will disrupt issuance of visas


2/15/2003: URGENT - SEVIS transition information for students

Announcement: Instructions for processing new immigration documents via new international student tracking system

2/06/2003: MIT policy regarding international student visa delays

MIT Memorandum from the MIT Dean for Graduate Students, Isaac M. Colbert

1/27/2003: Special Registration announcement

Announcement: New Countries Added for INS Special Regulations

1/24/2003: The Chronicle of Higher Education

Hacker Steals Personal Data on Foreign Students at U. of Kansas

1/10/2003: CNN coverage of international student visa regulations

Foreign students fret over INS tracking

24/12/2002: WBUR coverage of International Student Visa Regulations

The Morning Edition on WBUR ran a story on International Students at MIT: New INS Regulations affect International Students


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