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Lemelson-MIT Prize

Nomination Instructions

  1. Please complete the online Nomination Registration and read the detailed information on the Nomination Components listed below.
  2. After the cover letter has been completed and submitted online, please complete the Nomination Form (pdf) and all other required documents. We ask that you please limit the length of your responses to the space provided.
  3. In addition to the Nomination Form, please include the following documents:
    • Curriculum Vitae or Resume
    • Patent Documentation
    • Recommendations
    • Optional Material
  4. Once compiled, please mail a hard copy of the complete nomination (unbound, single-sided) to the Lemelson-MIT Program. Mailing instructions may be found by visiting the Mailing Nominations page.

Nomination Components

  • Nominator Disclosure Form
    The nominator disclosure form helps to validate the nominator’s knowledge of the nominee, create greater transparency for review, and ensure greater uniformity in the interpretation of nominee and nominator relationships on the part of Lemelson-MIT Award for Global Innovation reviewers.
  • Nomination Form

    • Inventor Profile Summary
      Why should the candidate be recognized and rewarded? Summarize the candidate's major technologically inventive accomplishments and why he/she is being nominated for the award. Biography
      What distinguishes the candidate? Provide a narrative description that highlights the candidate’s major accomplishments, including important experiences, awards, recognitions, publications, copyrights, trademarks, and invited lectures and conferences.

    • Description of Technological Inventiveness
      Expand upon the nominee’s major technological invention(s): What are they, and why are they significant? Describe how the candidate's inventive accomplishments have had and will continue to have a beneficial impact upon developing countries. How could the award potentially enhance the candidate's inventive work?

    • Evidence of Adoption
      How has this invention(s) been adopted for practical use? To what extent (e.g., in prototype form only, in test trials, already being broadly implemented, etc.) is it available to its intended populations ? Describe the extent to which it is being disseminated or replicable for use and how? How can the impact of its implementation be measured (if applicable)?

    • Youth Outreach Interest and Experience
      Has the candidate participated or shown an interest in youth outreach? Explain why the candidate might be an exemplary role model for young people. If the candidate is an academic, please describe outreach activities that move beyond what would be typically considered the responsibilities of a faculty member (e.g., student advising).

  • Curriculum Vitae or Resume
    Please limit the length to five pages and summarize when necessary.

  • Patent Documentation
    If applicable, a maximum of five patent abstracts may be submitted. Each of the five patent abstracts should include the patent number, title and authors listed in the order that they appear. A supplemental list of patent numbers, titles and authors may be submitted if the candidate has more than five patents. This list should not include abstracts and is limited to three pages.

  • Recommendations
    Three letters of recommendation are required, of which one must be submitted by the nominator. The recommendation should address, but need not be limited to, the candidate’s strengths as an inventor and as an inventor role model; an assessment of the value of the inventor’s contributions to his/her field; and a specific description of differentiating characteristics that help to set the candidate apart from other inventors in his/her field.

    Recommenders should describe their affiliation with the candidate and specifically disclose any material relationships to the candidate (e.g., co-investor, current business partner, former business partner, etc.).

    The letters should also be on official letterhead or otherwise state the recommender’s full name, title, employer, department, address, email address, telephone and fax number. Each letter should not exceed two pages.

    In addition to the letters of recommendation, please provide the names and contact information for at least one and up to three current menthes of the candidate. Mentees may be undergraduate or graduate student advisees if the candidate is in academia, youth (under age 25) in the community if the candidate is involved with volunteer or community service, or interns at a company at which the candidate plays an active role, or any combination thereof. Mentees may be contacted for confidential input

  • Optional Materials
    Additional pertinent information, like professional articles and press clippings, may be submitted to support the candidate's achievements. Please limit the length of optional materials submitted to 10 pages. A link to a video of a recent public presentation by the candidate about his/her work is highly recommended.

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