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Inventor Invention

Edward Acheson Carborundum

Deborah Adler ClearRx Prescription System

Robert Adler TV Wireless Remote Technology

Howard Aiken The Mark I Computer

Moshe Alamaro Aerial Reforestation System

Randi Altschul Phone-Card-Phone

Blanche Ames Method to Trap Enemy War Planes

Mary Anderson Windshield Wipers

Momofuku Ando Instant Noodles

Marc Andreesen Internet Browser Technology

Betsy Ancker-Johnson Signal Generators

Zachary Anglin Innovative Devices

Virginia Apgar Newborn Scoring System

Archimedes Archimedes Screw

Edwin H. Armstrong FM Radio

Barbara Askins Method of Obtaining Intensified Image from Developed Photographic Films and Plates

Mike Augspurger Handcycle

Tim Avila ZSweet Natural Sweetener


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