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8-Track Tape William P. Lear

Acoustic Loudspeaker Henry Kloss

Aerial Photography Andrew Heafitz

African-American Hair Care System (The Walker Way) Madam C.J. Walker

Air Conditioner Willis Haviland Carrier

Amphibious Sandal Mark Thatcher

Artificial Diamonds Patricia Bianconi

Athletic Shoe (Modern) Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight

Audio-Visual Door-Monitor Albert L. Brown & Marie Van Brittain Brown

Automatic Dishwasher Detergent Dennis W. Weatherby

Barbie Doll Ruth Handler

Baseball Alexander Joy Cartwright

Basketball James Naismith

Bellows, Improved Nathan Kane

Blue Jeans Levi Strauss

Bobbinless Sewing Machine Beulah Henry

Bogdon Reception Stick Walter Bogdon

Braille Typewriter Ernesto Blanco

Brassiere Mary Phelps Jacob

BraBall Kieu Phan

Bread-slicing Machine Otto Frederick Rohwedder

BullEx John Blackburn

Carborundum Edward Acheson

Cash Register James Ritty

Chemex Filter Coffeemaker Peter Schlumbohm

Childcare Products Sharon Mullen

Cinematic Background System George Margolin

Clock Leonard S. Cutler

Clocky Gauri Nanda

Coca-Cola® John Pemberton

Colt Revolver Samuel Colt

Comics (on Invention) Rube Goldberg

Commercial Cesium Clock Leonard S. Cutler

Condensed Milk   Gail Borden

Consumer Devices Thomas Jefferson

Cookie, Chocolate Chip Ruth Wakefield

Cool Dog Peter Franklin

Cotton, Easy Care Ruth Benerito

Crayola Crayons Edward Binney and Harold Smith

Crayon Holder Cassidy Goldstein

Creme Rinse Jheri Redding

Crosskate™ Jamie Page

Crossword Puzzle Arthur Wynne

Crown Cap William Painter

Cuisinart® Carl Sontheimer

Culinique® Jackie Diaz

Curling Iron, Thermostatically Controlled Jessie T. Pope

Devices, Innovative Zachary Anglin

Diaper (Disposable) Marion Donovan

Diaper (Pocket) Chelsea Lanmon

Dishwashing Machine Josephine Cochrane

Disposable-Blade Safety Razor King C. Gillette

Dolby® Noise Reduction System Ray Dolby

Door-to-Door Sales Earl S. Tupper, Madame C.J. Walker

Electric Guitar Design and Technology Ted McCarty

Electronic Television (TV) Philo Farnsworth, Vladimir K. Zworykin

Electrophotography (Xerography) & Photocopier Chester F. Carlson

Erector Set® A.C. Gilbert

Etch A Sketch® Arthur Granjean

Everyday Products Stanley Mason

Ferris Wheel George Ferris

Flag of the United States Francis Hopkinson (Betsy Ross)

Flame Retardant Fabric Giuliana Tesoro

Fluff Archibald Query

Flying Disk Richard Knerr

Fog Screen Ismo Rakkolainen

Foot Measuring Device Charles Brannock

Frisbie® Richard Knerr

Frozen Foods, Retail Clarence Birdseye

Frozen Pizza Crust Rose Totino

Games & Toys Richard C. Levy

Gardenburger Paul Wenner

Gatorade Robert Cade

Glove & Battie Caddie Austin Meggitt

GORE-TEX® Robert G. Gore

Gramophone, Disc Emile Berliner

Hair-Care Products Marjorie Joyner, Madame C.J. Walker

Headbenz® Victoria Tane

Hologram, Benton Stephen Benton

Home Security System Albert L. Brown & Marie Van Brittain Brown

Home Theater Henry Kloss

Household Items Lillian Gilbreth & Anna Keichline

Household Products Ron Popeil

Hula Hoop Richard Knerr & Arthur Spud Melin

Hypersonic Sound Elwood "Woody" Norris

In-line Skates Scott & Brendan Olsen

Insolia (Shoe Insert) Howard Dananberg

Instant Noodles Momofuku Ando

Instant Photography Edwin Herbert Land

Jell-O Peter Cooper

Jolly Jumper Olivia Poole

K Brick Anna Wagner Keichline

Kellogg's Corn Flakes Will Keith Kellogg

Kevlar® Stephanie Louise Kwolek

Kewpie Doll Rose O'Neill

Kiddie Stool Jeannie Low

Kinetic Sculpture Arthur Ganson

Kool-Aid® Edwin Perkins

Laserdriver Tools Kristin Hrabar

Lava Lamp Edward Craven Walker

La-Z-Boy Edward Knabusch and Edwin Shoemaker

LEGOs Ole Kirk Christiansen

Liquid Crystal Display (Twisted Nematic Field Effect) James Fergason

Liquid Crystal Display (Dynamic Scattering Method) George Heilmeier

Liquid Paper Bette Nesmith Graham

Lite-lift Fork Patricia Lynn Fearn

Locking Mechanisms Linus Yale

Long-Lasting Lipstick Hazel Bishop

Magnetic Recording Tape Marvin Camras

Makin' Bacon Abbey Fleck

Method of Making a Transparent Article of Silica James Franklin Hyde

Method of Obtaining Intensified Image from Developed Photographic Films and Plates Barbara Askins

Method to Trap Enemy War Planes Blanche Ames

Microphone David Hughes

Microwave Oven Percy L. Spencer

MK6 Rebreather William Stone

Monopoly® Charles Darrow

MouseMitts Tana Brinnand

Motion Pictures Thomas Edison, George Eastman (Film)

Movable Type Johann Gutenberg

M&M's® Forrest E. Mars, Sr.

National Vietnam Veterans Memorial Maya Lin

Nomex Wilfred Sweeny

Nonreflecting Glass Katherine Blodgett

Nutcracker Henry Quackenbush

Nylon Wallace Hume Carothers

Pack, Thigh Kelly Reinhart

Permanent Wave Machine Marjorie Joyner

Pez Eduard Haas III

Phone-Card-Phone Randi Altschul

Phonograph Thomas Alva Edison

Photocopier (Xerox® Machine) Chester F. Carlson

Photographic Film: Dry, Flexible, Transparent George Eastman

Photography, Instant Edwin Herbert Land

Photography, Stroboscopic Harold Doc Edgerton

Piano, Player John McTammany

Plastic Leo Baekeland

Plastic Soda Bottle Nathaniel Wyeth

Plasticized PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) Waldo Semon

Pneumatic Tires John Dunlop

Pointe Shoe (Gaynor Minden) Eliza Minden

Popsicle™ Frank Epperson

Pop-top Can Ermal Fraze

Pop-Up Toaster Charles Strite

Post-It® Notes Art Fry & Spencer Silver

Potato Chip George Crum

Privacy Strips Jennifer Sloane

Protograph Beulah Henry

Puppet Innovations   Hazelle Rollins

Razor, Safety King C. Gillette

Reading Machine Jacob Rabinow

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups Henry Burnett Reese

Reflecting Speakers Amar Bose

Remote Control Locator Kelli and Vanessa Dunn

Reynolds Wrap Richard S. Reynolds

Rollerblades® Scott & Brennan Olsen

Roundup® John E. Franz

Rubber Bandits® Adrian Chernoff

Rubber, Vulcanized Charles Goodyear

Rubik's Cube Erno Rubik

SafetyCaps George DeCell

Scotch® Tape Richard Drew

Scotchgard® Patsy Sherman

Scrabble Alfred Butts

Self-Regulating Clock Jacob Rabinow

Sewing Machine Isaac Singer

Sewing Machine Improvements Helen Augusta Blanchard, Beulah Henry

Shoe Lasting Machine Jan Matzeliger

Silly Putty® Peter Hodgson, James Wright

Skateboard Alan Ollie Gelfand, et al.

Slimsuit Carol Wior

Slinky® Richard James

Smart Shoe Ronald Demon

Sneakers: i.e., the Modern Athletic Shoe Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight

Snugli Infant Carrier Ann Moore

Solar-Charged LED Lamp Patrick Walsh

Solid-Body Electric Guitar Les Paul

Square-Bottomed Paper Bag Machine Margaret Knight

Squeezable Ketchup Bottle Stanley Mason

Statue of Liberty Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi

"Stiles" Desk Elizabeth Stiles

Stroboscopic Photography Harold Doc Edgerton

Sugar Processing Evaporator Norbert Rillieux

Sunbeam Mixmaster® Ivar Jepson

Super Glue Harry Coover

Super Soaker Lonnie Johnson

Synthesizer Robert Moog

Synthetic-Bristled Hairbrush Lyda Newman

Teflon® Roy Plunkett

Television (TV) Wireless Remote Technology Robert Adler

Television (TV), Electronic Philo Farnsworth, Valdimir K. Zworykin

Teva® Sandals Mark Thatcher

Textile Machinery Ernesto Blanco, Margaret Knight

The Theremin Leon Theremin

The Walker Way Madame C.J. Walker

Thermostatically Controlled Curling Iron Jessie T. Pope

Tools Leonard Bailey

Topsy Tail Tomima Edmark

Toys and Gadgets Janese Swanson (founder of Girl Tech)

Tupperware® Earl Tupper

The "Uncopy Machine" Jennifer Garcia

Unfolding Structures Chuck Hoberman

Velcro® George de Mestral

Vibram Vitore Bramani

Video Games Ralph Baer

Videotape Recorder Charles Ginsburg

Vietnam Memorial Maya Lin

Vinyl Waldo Semon

Vulcanized Rubber Charles Goodyear

Water Talkies Richie Stachowski

White-Out Bette Nesmith Graham

Wind-up Radio Trevor Baylis

Windsurfing Newman Darby

Wristies(TM) K-K Gregory

Xanthan Gum Allene Jeanes

Xerography Chester Carlson

Zipper Whitcomb Judson

ZSweet Tim Avila

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