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Aerial Reforestation System Moshe Alamaro

Agricultural Innovations George Washington Carver

Alternating Current Motor, Improvements to Charles Steinmetz

Aluminum Manufacturing Process Charles Martin Hall

Amorphous Semiconductor Materials Stanford Ovshinsky

Amplified Chemical Sensors Timothy Swager

Anti-Pollution Devices Mary Walton

Aqua-lung Jacques-Yves Cousteau and Emile Gagnan

Aqueous Fuels Rudolf Gunnerman

Atomic Bomb Robert Oppenheimer

Bacteria, oil-eating Ananda Chakrabarty

Bacterial Cement Sookie Bang

Bathysphere Otis Barton

Bessemer Process Henry Bessemer

Biological Engineering Processes for Electronic Materials Angela Belcher

Bromine Extraction Process Henry Dow

Carbon Dating W. F. Libby

Carbon Dioxide Laser Kumar Patel

Carbon Filament Light Bulb Lewis Howard Latimer

Catalytic Cracking William Burton

Corrosion Scale Inhibitor Hajib (Gene) Zaid

Cotton Gin Eli Whitney

Cotton, Naturally Colored Sally Fox

Cyclotron Ernest O. Lawrence

Diatometer Ruth Patrick

Dry Land Irrigation and Water Conservation Techniques Harriett Russell Strong

Dynamite   Alfred Nobel

Elberta Peach Luther Burbank

Electrical Systems Elihu Thomson

Electrogasdynamics Systems Meredith C. Gourdine

Electro-Magnetic Motor Nikola Tesla

Energy-Saving Occustat System Clarence Elder

Farmer's Almanac Benjamin Franklin

Far-Ultraviolet Spectrograph George Carruthers

Fenugreek-Treated Paper Kavita Shukla

Food Preservation Processes Lloyd Augustus Hall

Franklin Stove Benjamin Franklin

Free Jet Water Turbine Lester Pelton

Furnace David Lennox

Geiger Counter Hans Geiger

Geobond® Patricia Billings

Geodesic Dome R. Buckminster Fuller

Green Manufacturing Joseph DeSimone

Heating, Air Conditioning and Ventilation David Crosthwait

Heavy Water Gilbert Newton Lewis

Ice Resurfacing Machine (Zamboni) Frank Zamboni

"Idaho" Potato Luther Burbank

Imaging X-Ray Spectrometer George Edward Alcorn, Jr.

Industrial Chemicals Najib H. (Gene) Zaid

Johnson Tube Lonnie Johnson

Lewis Symbols Gilbert Newton Lewis

Lightning Rod Benjamin Franklin

Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery Yet-Ming Chiang

Livestock handling devices Temple Grandin

Living Machines John Todd

Mars Rover Donna Shirley

Mechanical Reaper Cyrus McCormick

Metallurgical Processes   Merton Flemings

Mini-Z   Brian Schulkin

Money Maker Pump Martin Fisher

Naturally Colored Cotton Sally Fox

Occustat Clarence Elder

One-step Fermentation Process to Convert Cellulosic Biomass into Ethanol Lee Lynd

Ozone-based Sterilization Eskil Karlson

Paper (from alternative resources) Jordan Sand

Period-luminosity relation of Cepheid stars Henrietta Leavitt

Petroleum Refining Method Edith M. Flanigen

pH meter Arnold O. Beckman

Plow, Self-Polishing, Steel-Cast John Deere

Polonium and Radium, Discovery of Marie Curie

Radiation Detection & Isolation Devices Wu Chien-Shiung

Radium and Polonium, Discovery of Marie Curie

Radium and Polonium, Discovery of Marie Curie

Reflecting Telescope Isaac Newton

Renaissance Tools/Design Leonardo da Vinci

Rover, Mars Donna Shirley

Scale Inhibitor Industrial Chemical Najib H. (Gene) Zaid

Scanning Tunneling Microscope Gerd Binnig and Heinrich Rohrer

Screenless Hammermill Amy Smith

Seismograph John Milne

Self-Cleaning House Frances Gabe

Self-Polishing Cast Steel Plow John Deere

SlimCell Battery Don Sadoway

Smart Gels Toyoichi Tanaka

Solar-powered Devices Maria Telkes

Steel-cast Plow John Deere

String Ribbon Process Emmanuel Sachs

Suspended-load Backpack Lawrence C. Rome

The Gamow Bag® Igor Gamow

Transformer William Stanley

Tungsten Filament Light Bulb William D. Coolidge

Underwater Exploration Charles Beebe

Unfolding Structures Chuck Hoberman

Voltaic Pile Alessandro Volta

Water Filtration System Eskil Karlson (O3), Ashok Gadgil (UV)

Water-based (Aqueous) Fuels Rudolf Gunnerman

Waterworks, UV-Based Ashok Gadgil

X-ray Crystallography Isabella L. Karle

Zamboni Frank Zamboni

Zeolite Cracking Edith Flanigen

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