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American Sign Language Translator Ryan Patterson

Anticancer Antibodies Jennie Mather

Antifungal Drug Nystatin Elizabeth Lee Hazen & Rachel Fuller Brown

Antisense Therapeutics Paul Zamecnik

Apparatus to Remove Cataracts Patricia Bath

Artificial Heart Robert Jarvik

Artificial Heart Patent Paul Winchell

Aspirin Felix Hoffman

Assistive Devices Anne Marie Casper

Audeo Michael Callahan

Automated Blood Analysis Wallace H. Coulter

Bacteriophage Platforms to Overcome Antibiotic Resistance Timothy Lu

Balloon Catheter, Embolectomy Thomas J. Fogarty

Band-Aid® Adhesive Bandage Earle Dickson

Battery for Cardiac Pacemaker Wilson Greatbach

Bifurcated Vaccination Needle Benjamin A. Rubin

Bili Bonnet   Sharon Rogone

Biomedical Applications of Polymers Robert Langer

Biotechnolgy & Biomaterials Leslie A. Geddes

Automated Blood Analysis Wallace H. Coulter

Biomedical Devices William Murphy Jr.

Blood Bank Charles Richard Drew

Cardiac Pacemaker, Implantable Wilson Greatbatch

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Peter Safar

Cast Cooler Krysta Morlan

Cataract Removal Apparatus Patricia Bath

Cavity-Fighting Lollipop Weyuan Shi

ClearRx Prescription System Deborah Adler

Controlled Drug Delivery Systems Robert Langer,
Alejandro Zaffaroni

Cortisone, Synthesis of Percy Lavon Julian

Covermark® Lydia O'Leary

CT Scanner Robert Ledley

Device for low-cost eyeglasses Saul Griffith

Dialysis Apparatus, Kidney Willem Kolff

Diabetes Test, At-home Helen Murray Free

Dialysis Apparatus, Portable Dean Kamen

Dimeric FGF2 David Berry

Dissolvable Pill William Upjohn

DNA Fingerprinting Alec Jeffreys

Drugs for Treatment of Cancer & Leukemia Gertrude B. Elion

Electrocardiogram Willem Einthoven

Electron Microscope James Hillier

Embolectomy Balloon Catheter Thomas J. Fogarty

Flex-Foot Van Phillips

Gene Sequencer Leroy Hood

Gene Sequencing Eugene Chan

General Anesthetic Pentothal Donalee Tabern & Ernest Volwiler

Genetic Engineering Herbert Boyer & Stanley Cohen

Genetics & Therapeutics Marie Claire King

Gene-Radar Anita Goel

Human Transportation Technology Yoshiyuki Sankai and Dean Kamen

Implantable Cardiac Pacemaker Wilson Greatbach

Interferons Sidney Pestka

Intravascular Stent Julio C. Palmaz

Intravenous catheter shield Betty M. Rozier and Lisa M. Vallino

Lung Cancer Vaccine Ariel Hollinshead

Magnetic Resonance Scanning Machine Raymond V. Damadian

Medical Imaging Systems Albert Macovski

Medical Respirator Forrest Bird

Microelectrode Ida Henrietta Hyde

Multi-channel Cochlear Implant Graeme Clark

Multi-terrain Wheelchair Colin Twitchell

Neuroelectric Systems Daniel DiLorenzo

Newborn Scoring System Virginia Apgar

Nystatin (Antifungal Drug) Elizabeth Lee Hazen & Rachel Fuller Brown

Optical Diagnostic Equipment Tuan Vo-Dinh

Pacemaker, Implantable Cardiac Wilson Greatbatch

Pasteurization/Vaccines Louis Pasteur

Penicillin   Alexander Fleming

Plastination Gunther von Hagens

Polio Vaccine Jonas Salk

Polymerase Chain Reaction Karl Mullis

Portable Medical Technology Dean Kamen

Programmable Medical Devices Robert Fischell

Prosthetic Arm Ivan Yaeger

Prozac Klaus K. Schmiegel

Radioimmunoassay (RIA) Rosalyn Yalow

Rapid Exchange balloon angioplasty/stenting system Paul Yock

Respirator Forrest Bird

RPI-069 Eva Vertes

Safety Hood Garrett A. Morgan

Self-Feeding Device for Amputees Bessie Blount

Stair-Climbing Wheelchair Ernesto Blanco,
Rufus J. Weaver

Stem Cell Research Curt Civin

Stethoscope Rene Laennec

String Ribbson Process Emanuel Sachs

Stroke Treatment Jewell Osterholm

Synthesis of Cortisone Percy Lavon Julian

Synthetic B-Chain Magainin Derivative Emilie Porter

Teleoperated surgical Equipment Akhil Madhani

Tetracycline Lloyd Conover

Tissue Engineering Processes Gail K. Naughton

Tuberculosis Test Florence Seibert

Vaccine for Lung Cancer Ariel Hollinshead

Water Bike Krysta Morlan

Wheelchair (Multi-terrain) Colin Twitchell

Wheelchair (Stair-climbing) Ernesto Blanco

X-Ray Tube William D. Coolidge

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