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Inventor Invention

Jamie Page Crosskate™

Larry Page & Sergey Brin Google (PageRank)

William Painter Crown Cap

Julio C. Palmaz Intravascular Stent

Blaise Pascal Mechanical Calculator

Louis Pasteur Pasteurization/Vaccines

Les Paul Solid-Body Electric Guitar

Kumar Patel Carbon Dioxide Laser

Ruth Patrick Diatometer

Ryan Patterson American Sign Language Translator

Lester Pelton Free Jet Water Turbine

John Pemberton Coca-Cola®

Edwin Perkins Kool-Aid®

Radia Perlman Spanning Tree Algorithm

Sidney Pestka Interferons

Kieu Phan The BraBall

Van Phillips Flex-Foot

Roy Plunkett Teflon®

Olivia Poole Jolly Jumper

Jessie T. Pope Thermostatically Controlled Curling Iron

Ron Popeil Household Products

Emilie Porter Synthetic B-Chain Magainin Derivative

Valdemar Poulsen   Telegraphone

George Pullman Pullman Sleeping Car

Henry Quackenbush Nutcracker

Archibald Query Fluff

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