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Inventor Invention

Jacob Rabinow
(Lifetime Achievement)
Automated scanning and sorting machines

Ismo Rakkolainen Fog Screen

Grote Reber Radio Telescope

Jheri Redding Creme Rinse

Henry Burnett Reese Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

Ellen Reichmanis Chemically Amplified Resists

Kelly Reinhart Thigh Pack

Richard Reynolds Reynolds Wrap

Dennis Ritchie C Programming Language

Ronald J. Riley Automated Electrified Monorail Systems

Norbert Rillieux Sugar Processing Evaporator

Robert Rines Microwave Scanning Systems

James Ritty Cash Register

Francis and Gertrude Rogallo   Flexible Wing

Sharon Rogone   Bili Bonnet

Otto Frederick Rohwedder   Bread-slicing Machine

Hazelle Rollins   Puppet Innovations

Harold Rosen Geosynchronous Satellite

Lawrence C. Rome Suspended-load Backpack

Betty M. Rozier and Lisa M. Vallino Intravenous catheter shield

Erno Rubik Rubik's Cube

Benjamin A. Rubin Bifurcated Vaccination Needle

James T. Russell Compact Disc

Burt Rutan SpaceShipOne

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