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Inventor Invention

Donalee Tabern and Ernest Volwiler General Anesthetic Pentothal

Toyoichi Tanaka Smart Gels

Victoria Tane Headbenz®

Maria Telkes Solar-powered Devices

Nikola Tesla Electro-magnetic Motor

Giuliana Tesoro Flame Retardant Fabric

Mark Thatcher Amphibious Sandles

Leon Theremin The Theremin

Fred Thomas III   AO-DVD

Valerie Thomas   Illusion Transmitter

Elihu Thomson Electrical Systems

John Todd Living Machines

Linus Torvalds Linux

Rose Totino Frozen Pizza Crust

Charles Townes Maser

Brent Townshend 56K Modem

Earl S. Tupper Tupperware®

Francis Turner Interstate Highway System

Colin Twitchell Multi-terrain Wheelchair

John Underkoffler G-Speak Gestural Technology System

William Upjohn Dissolvable Pill

Lisa M. Vallino and Betty M. Rozier Intravenous catheter shield

Leonardo da Vinci Renaissance Tools/Design

Ernest Volwiler and Donalee Tabern General Anesthetic Pentothal

Tuan Vo-Dinh Optical Diagnostic Equipment
Allessandro Volta Voltaic Pile

Gunther von Hagens Plastination

John von Neumann EDVAC


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