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Automated electrified monorail systems

Temple Ronald J. Riley is a independent inventor, entrepreneur, consultant and advocate of American invention.

Born in Michigan in 1950, Riley began his training early, tinkering with toys and electronic devices on the workbench in his basement, and earning money by selling vegetables door to door. In junior high school, he joined the Engineering Club at General Motors Institute (now Kettering University), and found further inspiration in the state of the art equipment used there.

After some college work, Riley held various engineering and R&D positions, specializing in microprocessors (1975-90). Then, disillusioned with the limited roles and rewards gained by inventors within large companies, Riley went independent. He had already invented a number of items; now he began concentrating on patenting and marketing.

Riley became an expert on automated electrified monorail systems, which work like the familiar transportation device of the same name, but are used to deliver parts and goods from one industrial workstation to another. Since 1984, Riley has earned seven patents in this field (with others pending), for electrical contacts, and conveyor and controls systems. Besides overseeing the production and patent-protection of these and his other inventions, Riley works as a consultant to industry and devotes much of his time helping inventors and entrepreneurs.

Riley's headquarters for all his efforts is his Grand Blanc, Michigan farm, which includes a house and laboratory building that he designed and built himself. Riley is inventing all the time, but chooses to pursue those items that he believes have the greatest safety and social value, as well as commercial potential. The range of his inventions covers industrial controls and communications devices, but also exercise equipment and biotechnology.

Ron Riley is also a tireless advocate for independent inventor's rights, through the various organizations in which he is active, like the Professional Inventors Alliance, of which he is President, and The Alliance for American Innovation as President of the Advisory Board, and on his own.

Read more about Ronald Riley's efforts at InventorEd.

[Jan. 1998]

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