Encourage an InvenTeam in Your Area!

The 2007-08 InvenTeams are in the final stages of their grant period. Be a mentor or sponsor for an InvenTeam during this important stage:

  • Charles Herbert Flowers High School (Springdale, Md.): Portable lock device for the blind
  • Gann Academy (Waltham, Mass.): Weight-stabilizing compact stretcher
  • Hiram High School (Hiram, Ga.): Automated floor mop and dryer
  • Norview High School (Norfolk, Va.): Adaptive communication device for people with cerebral palsy
  • Rockport High School (Rockport, Mass.): Pneumatic auto-deployment system for emergency position-indicating radio beacons on fishing vessels
  • Saratoga Springs High School (Saratoga Springs, N.Y.): Plant and flower success indicator to measure garden conditions
  • Sidwell Friends School (Washington, D.C.): Ice and frost preventive device for windshields
  • Brillion High School (Brillion, Wis.): Electric all-terrain multi-purpose lifting machine
  • Edgewood Fine Arts Academy (San Antonio, Texas): Robotic butterfly
  • Farmington Harrison High School (Farmington Hills, Mich.): Aquatic autonomous remote monitoring system to measure ecological variables
  • Great River School (St. Paul, Minn.): Aerial wind-sensing device that determines optimal locations for wind turbines
  • Saint Thomas Academy (Mendota Heights, Minn.): Electric motorcycle with compressible "crush zones" for urban commuter safety
  • University of Chicago Laboratory School (Chicago, Ill.): Automatic pancake machine that integrates Web 2.0 technology
  • Oregon Episcopal School (Portland, Ore.): Human-powered irrigation pump
  • Troy High School (Fullerton, Calif.): Robotic coconut tree climbing device
  • West Valley High School (Spokane, Wash.): Fish "escalator" to ferry salmon over man-made dams and into their spawning grounds

In addition to our new grantees listed above, there are several InvenTeams that started in previous years, which are continuing to invent and could benefit from a sponsor or mentor as well. Email inventeams@mit.edu or visit the web site if you are interested in working with or learning more about InvenTeams.