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Just about everyone can find something useful, if not fascinating, at this site! The Invention Dimension Home Page is mainly dedicated to a particular inventor and his or her accomplishments. Each week there is someone new. Although this is interesting in and of itself, you MUST continue down the page to find that this site is packed with links to all kinds of information. "

— From Science NetLinks, August 2001

If you're a would-be inventor with a hot idea, you would do well to stop by this site, hosted by M.I.T. A handbook for inventors answers all those commonly asked questions—from Is my idea patentable? to How do I prove the idea is mine?—and even provides information on the commercialization process. If you don't have an invention in mind, you can always look to the featured inventor of the week for inspiration. For further reading the site includes a page of links to sites covering research and development, both at M.I.T. and beyond.

— From Scientific American Online, May 2001

"MIT's Invention Dimension enchants, inspires, and entertains emerging Edisons and simple gadget fanatics alike. Archives of inventions range from the goofy Makin' Bacon - a microwaveable dish that drains grease - to the lifesaving balloon catheter. For your own endeavors, you can get sound advice from The Inventor's Handbook, and compete in serious-minded contests and frivolous trivia challenges. Links to related sites make this an ideal getaway to online innovation information."

— From Popular Science, October 2000

"Cool invention contest and news! [Get] an online copy of 'The Inventor's Handbook.' Twelve chapters filled with information on inventing, and an inventors resource section. This is a great resource site for young inventors."

— From StudyWeb by Lightspan

"...the site is replete with useful and fascinating information about inventors and invention in the United States."

— From Harvard Business School's Working Knowledge web site



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