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Science & Invention News—Read All About It!

Discover Magazine
Science news, fascinating articles, Web picks and an amazing image gallery.

Intellectual Property Owners' Association
Current intellectual property news, information and events.

Inventors Digest
An online and print resource for idea people.

For the do-it-yourself fanatics who wish to make their own tech gadgets at home, this Web site stems from the popular magazine Make. While few articles are reserved for subscribers, it features many free step-by-step instructions and photos for projects prosted by the Make community.

Popular Science
"Fuel for the curious mind" via online articles about cutting-edge science and technology breaththroughs.

Online news source for current research in several fields.

Scientific American Online
Scientific American online archives, plus a mystery inventor of the month.

An online research digest published weekly for the science community.


The Lemelson-MIT Program does not endorse any of the Web sites listed within our Links & Resources Archives.


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