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Did you know? Vision - Doug Engelbart
Doug Engelbart
Thomas Fogarty
Ashok Gadgil
Stephanie Kwolek
Doug Engelbart Biography The first mouse, built by Doug Engelbart in the mid-1960s. Two wheels kept track of the device's movements. Patents In 1968, Engelbart donned a headset microphone and demonstrated his oNLine System (NLS) to a crowd of computer scientists. The NLS also included a new kind of keyboard—users typed letters by striking a combination of its five keys. Videos The first mouse was a simple hollow-out wooden block, with a single push button on top.
Patent 3541541, Issued November 17, 1970

Image courtesy United States Patent and Trademark Office
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X-Y Position Indicator for a Display System
Patent 3541541
Issued November 17, 1970

Magnetic Logic Device
Patent 3083355
Issued March 26, 1963

Luminous Display Device
Patent 2925530
Issued February 16, 1960

Doug Engelbart Thomas Fogarty Ashok Gadgil Stephanie Kwolek Paul MacCready
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