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Did you know? Know-How - Thomas Fogarty
Doug Engelbart
Thomas Fogarty
Ashok Gadgil
Stephanie Kwolek
Thomas Fogarty Biography Fogarty's Adherent Clot Catheter. Patents Fogarty used his fly-fishing skills to tie a glove tip to a catheter, creating the first balloon embolectomy catheter. Videos Some of Fogarty's balloon catheters. Some 20 million people have been treated with these kinds of devices. Interview
Patent 3435826, Issued April 1, 1969

Image courtesy United States Patent and Trademark Office
The USPTO's web site includes this patent's full text and images.

Embolectomy Catheter
Patent 3435826
Issued April 1, 1969

Modular intraluminal prostheses construction and methods
Patent 5824037
Issued October 20, 1998

Catheter with corkscrew-like balloon
Patent 4762130
Issued August 9, 1988

Doug Engelbart Thomas Fogarty Ashok Gadgil Stephanie Kwolek Paul MacCready
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