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Did you know? Know-How - Thomas Fogarty
Doug Engelbart
Thomas Fogarty
Ashok Gadgil
Stephanie Kwolek
Thomas Fogarty Biography Fogarty's Adherent Clot Catheter. Patents Fogarty used his fly-fishing skills to tie a glove tip to a catheter, creating the first balloon embolectomy catheter. Videos Some of Fogarty's balloon catheters. Some 20 million people have been treated with these kinds of devices. Interview

Lemelson-MIT Prize Profile
Video 1:
Lemelson-MIT Prize Profile
In this video profile of Thomas Fogarty, made after he received the 2000 Lemelson-MIT Prize, the doctor/inventor discusses his entry into medicine, his motivation in creating new medical devices, and his love for tinkering. It includes photos of Fogarty's childhood and his early inventions as well as a recent interview.

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The Fogarty Arterial Embolectomy Catheter
Video 2:
The Fogarty Arterial Embolectomy Catheter
Thomas Fogarty's balloon embolectomy catheter has saved tens of thousands of lives since its first use in 1961. This video, from the catheter's manufacturer, Edwards Lifesciences, LLC, demonstrates how the catheter works and explains how it benefits patients.

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