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Ashok Gadgil Biography A UV Waterworks system was installed in February 2000 in the village of San Ysidro Gallinero in Guerrero, Mexico. Patents This schematic shows a UV Waterworks installation when a pressurized supply of water is available. The supply pressure is used to filter turbidity from the water. Videos A UV Waterworks unit installed outside of a kitchen at an AIDS hospice near Durban, South Africa. Diagrams
UV Waterworks: Gravity-fed Diagram

UV Waterworks: Gravity-fed System
This schematic shows one of the simplest installations of UV Waterworks for use in a house. This set-up can be mounted in an attic or on a high shelf above the kitchen sink. This arrangement is suitable where the source water is clear and there is enough gravity pressure.

Image courtesy UV Waterworks

UV Waterworks: Gravity-fed System

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