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Did you know? Insight - Stephanie Kwolek
Doug Engelbart
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Stephanie Kwolek
Stephanie Kowlek Biography The most famous application of Kevlar is in bulletproof vests, which are made of layers of fabric woven from strands of the super-strong fiber. Patents In 1964, Stephanie Kwolek investigated a curious chemical solution in her DuPont lab; that polymer eventually became Kevlar, a fiber five times as strong as steel and lighter than fiberglass. Videos In its raw form, Kevlar is simply a fiber. The fibers are woven into textiles (like those used in body armor) or combined with other materials. Interview
Patent 3819587, Issued June 25, 1974

Image courtesy United States Patent and Trademark Office
The USPTO's web site includes this patent's full text and images.

Wholly aromatic carbocyclic polycarbonate fiber having orientation angle of less than about 45 degrees
Patent 3819587
Issued June 25, 1974

Wholly Aromatic Polymers
Patent 3094511
Issued June 18, 1963

Aromatic Polyamides
Patent 3380969
Issued April 30, 1963

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