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Did you know? Photo Credits
Doug Engelbart
Thomas Fogarty
Ashok Gadgil
Stephanie Kwolek
Paul MacCready
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Photo of Doug Engelbart — Courtesy of Special Collections, Stanford University Libraries
Photo of Thomas Fogarty — Fogarty Research
Photo of Helios — AeroVironment/Paul MacCready

Doug Engelbart
Left portrait — Bootstrap Institute
Hand with Mouse — Bootstrap Institute
Engelbart w/ headset — Courtesy of Special Collections, Stanford University Libraries Drawing — Bootstrap Institute
Box — Bootstrap Institute
Engelbart at workstation — Bootstrap Institute
Bio — Engelbart at Computer — Courtesy of Special Collections, Stanford University Libraries
Patents intro page — 5 key chord — Bootstrap Institute
Video — keyboard — Courtesy of Special Collections, Stanford University Libraries

Thomas Fogarty
Left portrait — Paul Andrew Michaels
Spiral Catheter — Edwards Lifesciences, LLC.
Fogarty with Fish — Fogarty Research
Four catheters — Edwards Lifesciences, LLC.
Six catheters — Edwards Lifesciences, LLC.
Bio — car photo — Fogarty Research
Patents intro page — Fogarty at table — Paul Andrew Michaels
Video — Fogarty in blue shirt — video still — Lemelson-MIT Award Profile
Video — "The Fogarty Arterial Embolectomy Catheter," Edwards Lifesciences, LLC.
Interview — Fogarty in vineyard — Fogarty Research

Ashok Gadgil
Left portrait — Roy Kaltschmidt, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Girl with basket — WaterHealth International Inc.
Drawing of System — WaterHealth International Inc.
Left photo of 3 people — Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Photo of purifier — Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Bio — people around pump — Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Patents — hospice children — Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Video — Ashok head — video still—Ashok Gadgil Video Documentation, April 28, 1998, Archives Center, National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution
Diagrams — woman near sink — WaterHealth International Inc.
Diagrams 1-4 — WaterHealth International Inc.

Stephanie Kwolek
Left portrait — Michael Branscom, Photographer
Policeman — Hulton-Deutsch Collection/CORBIS
Spindle — Photograph by Jeff Tinsley, Smithsonian Institution
Suspension Bridge — Richard Cooke/CORBIS
Bio — college photo — Courtesy of Stephanie Kwolek
Patents (space shuttle) — CORBIS
Video — Kwolek w/ cylinder — video still—Courtesy of DuPont
Video — resistance to puncture—video still—"Ballistic Impact Research," NASA Glenn Research Center/Lewis Field
Interview — Kwolek with glasses — video still — Courtesy of DuPont

Paul MacCready
Left portrait — AeroVironment/Paul MacCready
Human-powered airplane — AeroVironment/Paul MacCready
MacCready in front of Sunraycer — AeroVironment/Paul MacCready
Pterodactyl — AeroVironment/Paul MacCready
Helios — AeroVironment/Paul MacCready
Condor — AeroVironment/Paul MacCready
Bio — young MacCready w/ planes — Paul MacCready
Patents — Helios from below — AeroVironment/Paul MacCready
Video — "Flight of the Gossamer Condor," Direct Cinema Limited
Video — Sunraycer — video still-"Doing More with Much Less," AeroVironment/Paul MacCready

Table of Contents
Robert Langer and Friends — Donna Coveney/MIT
X-Ray of Pacemaker — Charles O’Rear/CORBIS
Lemelsons and dog — Courtesy of Lemelson Family
Gyroscope Drawing — USPTO
Hand holding insects — Carl Djerassi
Computer — Smithsonian Institution

Book Reviews
Nolan Bushnell w/ Robot — Uwink
Rocket launch — Clark University Archives
Entry from Damadian's journal — Courtesy of Fonar Corp.

Links and Resources
Hand w/ Batteries — Energy Conversion Devices, Inc.
House — Courtesy, The Estate of Buckminster Fuller, Sebastopol, CA
Screen — Bootstrap Institute
Hand — Fogarty Research
Drawing — UV Waterworks
Police — Hulton-Deustch Collection/CORBIS
Plane — AeroVironment/Paul MacCready
Gyroscope — Courtesy of Hagley Museum and Library

About The Lemelson-MIT Program
Trophy — John Maeda
Jerome and Dorothy Lemelson — Lemelson-MIT Program


Doug Engelbart Thomas Fogarty Ashok Gadgil Stephanie Kwolek Paul MacCready
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