"The fact that we were helping people who don't normally receive help motivated us through the frustrating parts. We often had to scratch plans and rethink ideas that we had spent a lot of effort on.

I learned quickly that complicated projects required the cooperation of many people with diverse strengths."

Fady Barsoum, Troy High School InvenTeam student (2008)

Excite High School Students About Invention
Choosing the problem, building a technological solution by hand, and working to benefit society, are the driving forces of InvenTeams. These forces make learning STEM exciting and stimulate interest in invention.

Empower Students to Problem Solve
To invent solutions to real-world problems, students rely on life skills and STEM knowledge rather than textbooks. By learning to communicate ideas, work in teams, and ask questions, they discover answers. Mentors guide students in professional methods to help them move forward.

"I love that we got to pick our own project. The fact that it was close to projects that real engineers do was very appealing. The number of life skills I developed is countless. I would do the whole thing over again in a heart beat."
Michael Bogardus, Saratoga Springs High School InvenTeam student (2008)

Columbus High School InvenTeam (2006)

Encourage an Inventive Culture in Schools and Communities
InvenTeam grants are not a competition; projects reach different stages. InvenTeams learn about tools and resources to continue inventing.

Completion of the grant cycle is not the end.

Teachers are confident in their abilities to support students' inventive endeavors. Students are inspired to finish projects or pursue new problems. Community support enables many InvenTeams to sustain an inventive culture.

Read about Littleton High School's (PDF) inventive culture from 2002 to 2008.