"This project has been challenging, but it gives you hands-on experience with how to create a useful product."

Jeff Lewis, Newberg High School InvenTeam student (2007)

Initial Application
The initial application has five parts:

  1. Teacher and high school information form
  2. Invention project proposal
  3. Invention interest statement
  4. School administrator’s letter of support
  5. Teacher's current resume or CV
Applicants may optionally submit a special consideration statement and a summer project development proposal.

Applications are assessed on project planning, student organization, and potential for collaboration. A strong application is sophisticated and prepared with student assistance. It proposes student-generated ideas, demonstrates the teacher's ability to facilitate a self-directed learning project, and identifies potential community partnerships.

Individual teachers or teams of two or three teachers may apply; a lead teacher must be designated for a team. Teachers may apply for early action to receive preliminary feedback that can enhance their initial application drafts for a stronger submission.

Mini-grants up to $250 each are available as part of the optional summer project development proposal to help develop final applications.

Newberg High School InvenTeam (2007)

Final Application
The final application is a detailed project proposal that outlines seven core areas:

  1. Problem and proposed solution
  2. Invention statement
  3. Competitive technologies
  4. Project organization and timeline
  5. Potential partnerships
  6. InvenTeam roster
  7. Budget

Student participation is essential for preparing the final application. Technical feasibility of the proposed solution is assessed.