Essex High School InvenTeam (2004)

2.007 MIT Design and Manufacturing I Course
An online outline for the MIT Design and Manufacturing I class (2.007) led by Professor Alex Slocum, which provides a design handbook among its documents

2.009 MIT Product Engineering Processes Course
Follow the course taught by Professor David Wallace, a partner and supporter of InvenTeams from the very beginning.

Engineer Girl! 
Inspires girls to explore engineering and provides resources for careers in fields such as medicine, space, environment, and communications, created by the National Academy of Engineering

Exploring Leonardo
A review of Leonardo da Vinci's life and works compiled by the Museum of Science, Boston, which features his invention sketches, hands-on classroom activities, and an Inventor's Toolbox 

Forgotten Inventors
Biographies of "forgotten" American inventors, highlighted by PBS

Global MIT
A comprehensive database of MIT's global involvement ranging from individual faculty collaborations to institutional partnerships

How Stuff Works 
Interactive site with detailed explanations of how all kinds of things work 

Howtoons provides engaging content that teaches kids how to build things, combining instructions with storytelling

Invention Dimension: Inventor of the Week Archives
An extensive database of inventors and inventions hosted by the Lemelson-MIT Program, which features a new inventor profile each week

Inventors Digest
Online edition of the "Magazine for Idea People," which covers topics and resources for invention, especially the independent inventor

National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Alliance
Supports teams of faculty and students working to advance the teaching of invention and innovation in American higher education

Provides online materials that enhance understanding of the research process, and excite students about research at MIT

A searchable repository of MIT course materials, such as exams and lecture notes for over 1,500 courses, published for students and educators around the world